Who do you trust - mum or Google?

AS a parent you ask a lot of questions you already know the answer to.

We ask our kids simple yes or no questions, yet we already know the answer is no.

"Have you done your homework?"

"Have you cleaned your room?"

"Did you brush your teeth?"

We ask them even more complicated questions, but we already know the answer to those too.

"Who left crumbs all over the floor?"

"Who left the lid off the toothpaste?"

"Where do you think you are going?"

It is a pity we don't always know how to answer the tougher questions our kids ask." How big is the world?"

That's easy. Lets look it up on Google. The area is 195,000,000 square miles. Of that, 57,500,000 square miles are land. And about 137,500,000 square miles are oceans. It is 24,961 miles in circumference, going around pole to pole and 7926 miles wide at the equator.

"What's an equator?"

Back to Google.

An equator is the intersection of a sphere's surface with the plane perpendicular to the sphere's axis of rotation and containing the sphere's centre of mass. Ok, forget Google, let's just go for a mum's explanation.

It is a pretend line that goes around the middle of the world, in between the North Pole where Santa lives and the South Pole where Happy Feet lives.

"Are aliens real or are they pretend too?"

Well, it depends on who you talk to.

I don't have proof that I've had a close encounter with one, although I have met some very alien-like people.

Not sure I can rely on the answers that have come up from Google.

I could always show the kids footage on You-Tube that shows "proof that aliens exist" but I think that will just lead to more questions I can't answer.

My son asked me a question this week that stumped me more than normal, and this is one answer I couldn't look up on Google.

"How come the tooth fairy didn't come last night?" Hmm, how come indeed?

Maybe the tooth fairy was on holidays?

Maybe the tooth fairy is running late?

Maybe the tooth fairy just plain old forgot last night but might remember now if you go and clean you room!

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