Lindsay Sturgeon is the latest candidate to join the race for the Capricornia seat in the 2019 federal election.
Lindsay Sturgeon is the latest candidate to join the race for the Capricornia seat in the 2019 federal election. United Australia Party

Who is Lindsay Sturgeon?

THREE becomes four in the fight for the biggest chair in Central Queensland after the United Australia Party nominated Lindsay Sturgeon as the party's candidate for Capricornia.

But who is Lindsay Sturgeon?

The supervisor and project manager from Mackay, who previously worked as a boilermaker, has worked in the Bowen Basin on construction projects for his whole career.

He comes from a family with deep ties to the mining industry in Central Queensland and said mining has been a part of his life since he was a child.

Now Mr Sturgeon is based in the southern parts of Mackay with his wife, who owns a small catering business, and his two kids.

He said hopes for unity brought him to the United Australia Party and into politics more broadly.

"The United Australia Party is a beacon for what this country should be - United,” he said.

"After years of watching current governments flounder and argue amongst themselves, I finally had enough of watching our country decline.

"I noticed alot of marketing surrounding the UAP; I looked up the party web page and following that became a member, and when the option to become a candidate arose I thought 'yep, I can do this, I can help my country, I can be a part of a positive change'.”

When asked to describe his platform he said a multi-faceted understanding of CQ industry set him apart from the others.

"I am not joining politics to feather my pockets, I am joining because we need change and our party will deliver it,” Mr Sturgeon said.

"I bring to the table a diverse range of experience and an in depth understanding of mining, farming and small business.

"My family have roots in mining, grazing, fishing and sugar in CQ, over multiple generations, and I will call on these skills and experiences to support and grow the Capricornia region.”

Mr Sturgeon believed the region was missing out on the profits from the capital it produces and that more money from local projects should stay in Capricornia.

"The Capricornia electorate is very diverse in its industries and we face a lot of challenges,” he said.

"We need to fight for our fair share of the revenue and capital works projects. A lot of money is raised in this electorate and the return needs to be distributed back into our communities to revitalise our failing infrastructure.”

Despite living in Mackay, he was confident he could adequately service the electorate.

"Where I reside in Capricornia makes no difference to how I represent it.

"I intend to visit all areas leading up to the election and will continue to visit and work in these regions regularly whether I am elected or not - This is my backyard, my home.”

As for the much debated Galilee basin?

"In principal, I support it,” he said.

"Whether or not the Galilee basin is opened up depends on many variables, be it environmental and economical and these need to be addressed and controlled.

"I support the coal industry and developing jobs in our region as well as developing our refining processes in Australia to maximise the revenue we can drive for the prosperity of our people.”

Job security and decasualisation also rank high on his priorities and he has a plan ready for action.

"Having worked in the mines for many years and I have been a contractor with a higher skill set than permanent employees around me, but have earned roughly $50,000 a year less,” he said.

"I feel casual jobs have their place but there needs to be regulation put in place to transition employees to permanent positions after pre-requisites are met to help rebuild a stable workforce and communities.

"The best kind of welfare is a steady job and the best security an Australian can have is a secure home.”

He said the electorate could expect commitment, transparency and honesty from his maiden campaign.

"I will leave the politics to the politicians and run an open and honest campaign,” Mr Sturgeon said.

"Across the United Australia Party you can expect a fresh supportive team committed to making Australia great again.”

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