POLL: Who makes the best milkshakes in the region?

THERE is nothing like a strawberry milkshake to wash down the popcorn you've just eaten at the movies.

Or a chocolate milkshake to go with hot chips.

In fact, there is no set time that is good or bad to have a milkshake.

This week, The Bulletin asked readers who makes the best milkshakes in the region.

Here are their nominations:


Tegan Mayne - Coffee club have the best vanilla thickshakes :-)

Narelle Winning - Bella Sugo at Coco's in Zilzie! They are decadent and scrumdidllyumptious!!! Strawberry & Marshmallow Milkshake. Double Chocolate, Milo & Cannoli


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Nat Smith - Wendy's in the East St Mall

Bryce Smith - Id say mcdonalds havent had a better one yet

Dane Devize Heslin - Syntha 6 and 1L of milk, top it off with a pinch of expresso and prep the rolls for a spectacular squirtathon

Emily Kate - Willby's training restaurant. I make them pretty good.

Meagan Marsh - Two Professors

Shell Vitali - Puma george street 🙅

Bernadette Sutton - Gardens Cafe, Botanical Gardens


Vote for your favourite:

Best milkshake maker in Rockhampton or Livingstone?

This poll ended on 02 September 2016.

Current Results

Wendy's in East St Mall




Max Brenner


Wilby's training restaurant


Gardens Cafe, Botanic Gardens


Puma on George St


Crazy Joker


Bella Via Cafe


Blue Truffle


Two Professors


Coffee Club


Coco's in Zilzie


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


Tiesha Laidlaw - I make a pretty good one in my Thermy ;)

Lyn Armstrong - Crazy Joker

Brittany Evans - Max Brenners

Natalie Shae - Bella via

Karen Mulligan - Myrianthopoulos Blue Truffle

Kimberley Geddes - https://www.facebook.com/the2professors/

Kimberley Geddes - https://www.facebook.com/BellaViaCafeRockhampton/

Mätt Sozza - Clayton Milburn and Travis Smith milkshakes and fab

Dwayne O'Brien - Razorback rd boukdercombe

Delboy Sharvin - Puma service station hands down

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