READER'S VIEW: Who picks up former Prime Minister's tab?

RE: THE ABC news bulletin, "Tony Abbott tells European leaders to turn back asylum seekers or risk 'catastrophic error'", Melissa Clarke 28/10/15.

Well it appears that our recently deposed Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who now takes his place amongst the parliament backbenchers, has made a major speech to an audience of Tory ministers and Conservative Party members at the second annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture at a banquet in London, urging them to follow his former policy of "turning around the boats".

Anyway, it was also reported that he and his wife Margie arrived in London after they spent time hiking in Scotland, and that some of his current and former staff members also attended the function.

Apparently his former chief of staff Peta Credlin did not attend.

Now the question is who picked up the tab? Did Tony Abbott and his wife Margie, along with the current and former staff members, pay their own way or will the Aussie taxpayer be expected to cover the cost?

Also if the cost is to be borne by the taxpayer, how is the entitlement justified?

Kev Hopkins

West Rockhampton

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