Why do we love this stuff so much?
Why do we love this stuff so much? Mike Knott BUN170413JEN3

Why coffee is so darn good

MANY have a relationship with caffeine bordering on obsessive, but why do we love it so much, why is it so addictive and what is it doing to our bodies?

With coffee consumption doubling in Australia in the past 30 years to about 2.4kg per person per year, it's about time we learnt a little more about our dear love, caffeine.

The Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation defines caffeine as a naturally-occurring stimulant drug which speeds up the communication between the brain and the nervous system, which is why people associate its consumption with a 'buzz' or heightened energy.

As with any drug, this buzz can be addictive when your body begins to rely on or crave it, but consumed in moderation, our favourite caffeinated beverage coffee, is said to be good for you.

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, some studies also show coffee drinkers have a lower risk of several serious diseases like diabetes and liver disease than non-coffee drinkers.

More positives include its ability to speed up your metabolism and increase concentration levels almost instantly.

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