Why travelling 82-year-old gypsy settled in Rocky

Lisa Raphael playing the piano at the library.
Lisa Raphael playing the piano at the library. Allan Reinikka ROK151117apiano3

LISA Raphael has found a place to call home after a spiritual calling led her to Rockhampton.

She has spent two months altogether in the Beef Capital since her first visit last year and quickly fell in love with the city.

Over two years ago, the 82-year old returned to Australia after spending 55 years in the United States.

The trained pianist been raised in Australia and had no idea why she had been called back down under.

"Everything I own travels with me and weighs a little under 30kg,” she said.

"Somehow in 26 months, I have been to so many different places in all seven states but Rockhampton seems to want to keep me.”

Within a week of arriving in Rockhampton, she had started to play the piano which quickly enchanted her.

"From the time when I first put my fingers on that piano, It has felt like it is playing me,” she said.

Lisa said she has received positive feedback from visitors to the library.

She has even witnessed a young girl dancing to the music she had been playing on the piano.

"It has been the spirit of the land that drew me here and has basically been directing me here in an unspoken way,” she said.

"It has been an incredible adventure.”

"I have consciously been on a spiritual path for a while so it was like a calling from the land,” she said.

She is looking to live close to the Fitzroy River and the Rockhampton Library which both drew her to town.

Lisa wants to make the Beef Capital her home and is currently looking for a room to rent.

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