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Will Capricornia betting odds paint a clear picture?

CQ PUNTERS seem to be backing a convincing ALP win in May according to the latest odds from the online betting agency, Sportsbet.

Despite the four to one odds in favour of Labor's Russell Robertson, the Capricornia incumbent, Michelle Landry, said that after her two previous bouts at the ballot box, she won't be counting her money while she's sitting at the table.

"I should have had a few bucks on my self when I was at $8 a couple of weeks ago," she said.

"When you look at the way it works, if someone puts $100 on something it will obviously change, I also think a lot of it comes through the national polling, so I'm not phased.

"The feedback I have received is that I'm going as well as can be expected."

Punters are able to bet on as fine odds as they like when it comes to May's election including the number of seats held by one party in the lower house or even a single candidate in any given electorate across the nation.

Capricornia odds are now live and aside from news polling, they may be one of the only quantifiable ways to gauge the current political mood of the electorate.

ALP candidate Russell Robertson is the wide favourite paying $1.20 ahead of the LNP incumbent Michelle Landry at $4.00.

One Nation's Wade Rothery would pay $21.00 in front of the most recent candidate to join the race, the UAP's Lindsay Sturgeon who would pay $41.00 if he managed to take the seat.

Strangely, a Greens candidate, who at this stage does not exist, would pay $31.00 if elected.

A spokesperson from The Greens said the party was confident a candidate would be put forward shortly and attributed the current odds to probable party loyalty.

Despite the odds against Ms Landry, The Nationals seat holder is not one to shy away from a late charge in the dying hours of the race.

Leading into the 2016 election, she trailed the ALP candidate by two per cent according to a ReachTel opinion poll but snatched a re-election with a tight win by securing a lead of less than one per cent.

Coal, the decisive issue this election, may very well be the catalyst for the push against Ms Landry but she said she would not change tack on he pro-coal agenda.

"A couple of people have had a go at me at the markets and I have just said 'well that's fine that you don't want coal but you better hand your mobile phone back, your car, and turn your air conditioning off because that's all coming from coal," she said.

"As a team, The Nationals members in the region will all continue to fight for the coal sector."

A Sportsbet spokesperson assured bets for The Greens would be refunded if they failed to put forward a candidate.

"There's been no bets on the Greens in that seat to date but if no candidate runs we will 100% refund them," the spokesperson said.  

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