Will Sophie find true love?

Sophie Monk stars in season three of The Bachelorette and, left, contestant Apollo Jackson poses with Sophie during one of the group dates.
Sophie Monk stars in season three of The Bachelorette and, left, contestant Apollo Jackson poses with Sophie during one of the group dates. Stuart Bryce

I AM shamefully addicted to The Bachelorette. I started watching it to see The Intruders - older guys the producers were bringing in after eligible chick Sophie Monk had to deal solely with 20-somethings in her search for love in the first weeks - Soph is 37.

Sadly, I was then hooked, partly because I was fascinated by the fact that even someone as physically perfect and famous as Sophie had problems finding a guy who wasn't a jerk.

And of course there was the fascination with the guys' moaning and whining about fairness and true love and who would get the next solo date and who they were in competition with. Apparently guys can be just as bitchy as girls.

I texted my girlfriend, a Bachelorette expert, about the new arrivals - a pub owner, an optometrist, a chef and some guy who already had five kids. Maybe one will be right for Sophie? "Yeah,” she said, "and maybe I will meet my true love tomorrow. Hahaha! I just don't think our generation is meant to be paired up. I think it is some kind of population control.”

Of course a lot of people are married, or live together. But there's plenty more who are separated, divorced or single too. And it is not for want of trying.

But sometimes, let's be honest, it's because of complete lack of interest - the "happily single” can do what they want, when they want, though they bear all the housing costs themselves.

So what's it all about, this love thing, and will Sophie find true love? Well she has about the same chance as the rest of us, apparently, except she does have an entire television show - and a hair and make-up and wardrobe team - devoted to helping her.

Why hasn't she met Mr Right yet? By her own admission, she has a magnet for jerks. But, as my GP used to say, maybe there's just a lot of jerks out there.

Good luck, Sophie. And if you are a little curious about male-female dating politics, don't forget to tune in.

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