Windscreen smashed, man assaulted in car purchase dispute

HER brother had arranged to buy her neighbour's BMW, but after a few payments, he lost his job and the neighbour wouldn't refund any of the money.

So he asked his sister to approach her neighbour about the matter. Unfortunately, she was intoxicated at the time.

Latasha Anne Wenzel, 32, pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of assaulting a person aged over 60, wilful damage and obstructing police.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said Wenzel attended her neighbour's house at 8.45am on August 11, yelling for him to come out.

He said the neighbour appeared from under the house and approached Wenzel.

Wenzel pushed him in the chest causing him to stumble and left a small scratch on his chest near his neck.

He asked her to leave and she picked up a piece of timber and used it to smash the back window of the BMW.

Police attended at 9am and found Wenzel sitting at the top of stairs in front of her house, obviously intoxicated.

They told her she was under arrest and had to wrist lock her as they took her into custody.

When police instructed Wenzel to get into the vehicle she resisted, eventually kicking out and laying her body weight on the arresting officers.

"She did narrowly miss striking one of the officers in the head (during the struggle),” Mr Fox said.

Defence lawyer Axel Beard outlined the history leading up to assault including how Wenzel's brother had arranged to purchase the BMW, made some payments and lost his job.

Mr Beard said the brother, after losing his job, asked the neighbour for the payments to be refunded or for another arrangement to be made with the car.

But the matter had not been able to resolved and the brother asked his sister to intervene.

The court heard Wenzel had appeared before the court for three public nuisance and three assault charges in the past 10 years.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Wenzel's criminal history and this offending was an indicator she had trouble controlling her temper when intoxicated.

He sentenced her to 12-months' probation and 40 hours community service. Convictions were recorded.

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