Wise words to live by, from primary school and beyond

THIS week my kids have been working on a big project.

They are writing leadership speeches, to give their fellow students an insight of who to vote for, to become school and sports captains.

As they are in Year 6, they get to be leaders of the school, a shared venture with Year 7 students, the final year of primary school for both of them.

Tomorrow they will read their speeches to the entire school on assembly.

Thinking back to my own primary school days, I would not have been keen.

The idea of public speaking, even for adults, is nightmarish.

What I am proud of with my two is they are willing to give it a go, even though nominating for a leadership position was voluntary.

They don't expect to be voted in, but they are joining in.

While it has mostly been secret squirrel stuff, I did read my son's speech first draft.

It had all the elements I expected; love how great the school is and he promises to ask the principal for more discos and other fun activities.

I was surprised he hadn't suggested banning homework, until he told me they weren't allowed to put that in their speech.

I was also impressed to see something else he wrote.

While saying he will support school sports and any school teams, he said he encourages everyone to 'just give it a go'.

Harry Bruce Supermum February 13
Harry Bruce Supermum February 13

It is a theory we should apply to all of life.

After all, we wouldn't get far without trying things.

Before having kids I had no idea how to be a parent.

I've learnt as I went along and I didn't always get it right.

But the kids are going okay so far.

Same with relationships.

Loving someone isn't as easy as you would think.

You've got to deal with mood swings, grumpy days and differences of opinion.

And that was just me yesterday.

I'm glad my partner still gives it a go with me.

At work there are times I may or may not know what I'm doing.

But it doesn't stop me from trying.

It doesn't matter what the case, if you have a dream, I say take my son's advice. Just give it a go.

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