Woman convicted of assault

A MAJORITY jury has found a woman, who was dressed as a fairy when she attacked a female police officer in front of a strip club, guilty of two counts of serious assault.

Jessica Lillian Rogers pleaded not guilty in Rockhampton District Court last week, to the charges that came about after a hens' party night spun out of control in August 2009.

The jury voted at about 7pm on Friday, after being ordered by Judge Gregory Koppenol, concluding with an 11 to 1 majority guilty vote.

Judge Koppenol decided to use power he has under legislation to ask the jury to vote after they had deliberated for eight-hours and was unable to come to a unanimous decision. Ms Rogers was sentenced to six months jail, with parole eligibility after three months.

The court heard last week that Ms Rogers and her younger sister, Samantha, were dressed as fairies for the hens' night on August 1, 2009, when Samantha climbed onto a night club stage while a stripper was midway through her routine.

Samantha Rogers then refused to take a liquor infringement notice from one of the officers and was given a move-on direction.

The court heard police later arrested Samantha Rogers for public nuisance and "forcibly took her to the ground".

Ms Kelsey said Jessica Rogers then tried to push past the constable to reach her sister, but the female officer pushed her back in the chest. Rogers then allegedly punched the officer and, after being arrested, kicked the same officer in the chest.

Ms Kelsey said the constable suffered numerous lacerations, a tender jaw and a loose tooth.

Defence lawyer Doug Willing had requested Judge Koppenol not give Ms Rogers jail time due to her having a young child.

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