Woman wins court fight

IT was only a public nuisance charge, but it meant the world to Rockhampton’s Zowie Lee Dunn.

The 23-year-old yesterday went to great lengths to avoid a court conviction so that she could travel overseas.

Six months ago Dunn was charged with public nuisance for fighting in the street.

Since then she’s been fighting to clear her name.

Yesterday Dunn had her day in court, and although she was found guilty she was happy to clear her name.

Dunn had taken issue with the fact that police said she had been in a physical altercation in Rockhampton’s CBD.

She claimed the argument between her and another woman was heated but there were no kicks or punches thrown.

She said although she wasn’t completely innocent in the matter, she was justified in starting an argument with the woman, who had allegedly kicked her brother in the head.

Yesterday in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court she pleaded not guilty and for two hours she stated her case – she even cross-examined police witnesses herself.

Dunn’s incident was part of a larger street fight in Denham Street on July 25, 2009, which required seven police and at least three security guards to defuse the situation.

Police became involved when, in the early hours, they stopped to assist a security officer who had Dunn’s brother pinned on the ground.

As police placed handcuffs on the man, another man and an unknown female allegedly kicked him while he was down.

This sparked Dunn to address the woman who had just allegedly assaulted her brother.

Police said both women were yelling and screaming obscenities at each other.

One officer said he saw arms and leg swinging as well.

But Dunn yesterday said her actions were “reasonable” considering the circumstances.

Magistrate Mark Morrow found her guilty of public nuisance but only for causing a verbal street ruckus.

He said he was satisfied she wasn’t involved physically and ordered no conviction be recorded against her, allowing her free to travel the world, as she planned.

She was also placed on a six-month good behaviour bond.

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