Woman’s intuition is spot on...except about the weather

I DON'T consider myself to be psychic in any way, shape or form, but plenty of things have happened lately just as I predicted.

One was the world not ending. No surprise, we are all still here and I still have to write this column.

Another was that I would eat far too much on Christmas Day. Not so much of a stretch I guess, except in the waistband of my pants. As I type right now, post Christmas lunch and dinner, I'm finding my laptop doesn't sit as close as before.

There are still more predictions I got right too.

No matter how safe we drove while on holiday, it was the crazy antics of other drivers we had to watch out for.

There were plenty of examples as we meandered our way from central Queensland to Sydney for the silly season.

Impatient overtaking, speeding, tailgating and just plain old ignoring of road rules, let alone not driving to the conditions. I guess some people still don't see the importance of arriving safely at their destination.

The big prediction I got correct was that Santa wasn't going to get my son the iPad he so desperately wanted.

I warned him it wasn't going to happen. And it didn't.

His spirit is not broken however, and he has started campaigning for one for his 10th birthday next month.

There was, however, one thing I sure didn't predict this Christmas.

It was that I would be diving for the winter woollies on Christmas Day.

My memories of Christmases Past have included the family gathering around the air-conditioner rather than the Christmas tree, eating cold meats and sipping frozen drinks.

The highlight of the day was either a dip in the dam or the creek, just to cool down on a stinking hot day.

That is probably what the rest of my extended family did this year too.

How was I to know this Christmas, away from home with my partner's family, would bring rain, tepid temperatures and me forgetting to pack my jumper?

Silly me.

So what of 2013?

I hope big things will happen, with travel high on my agenda.

While it may be a bit early to make too many predictions, I'm sorry to say, son, I still don't see any iPads in your future.


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