Footage shows a group of juveniles attempting to rob Domino's Yeppoon at 2am Tuesday.
Footage shows a group of juveniles attempting to rob Domino's Yeppoon at 2am Tuesday. James Dooley

Yeppoon businesses hit by gang of youths' crime spree

YEPPOON was hit by a crime spree last night with at least three businesses and one home targeted by a group of juveniles.

Yeppoon Police Station acting senior sergeant Chris Griffin said the crime spree had been happening since last Thursday but Monday night was the worst.

Whisk Yeppoon, The Strand Hotel and Dominos were all broken into and had property stolen at around 2am.

"There was also an attempted break in at a dwelling on Johnathon Street but they were disturbed before they could enter,” Snr Sgt Griffin said.

"They were definitely all juveniles. At this stage five have been either dealt with, in custody or are in the process of being dealt with.

"Two had just been picked up and are in custody at the moment at Rockhampton Police Station.”

Snr Sgt Griffin said the gang of youths stole a vehicle from Rockhampton and headed into Yeppoon last night.

Whisk owner Andy Ireland was alerted to the break-ins when two of his staff members came to open the store at 5.15am and found glass everywhere.

"We have a number of umbrella stands and we put weights on them to keep them blowing away. They used one of the weights to smash the side sliding door,” Mr Ireland said.

Mr Ireland said as soon as the individuals entered the store, they broke the surveillance cameras to prevent footage being taken.

They then went on to steal a mobile phone, the contents of a tip jar (around $100-$120) and a small amount of liquor.

"We share frustration with the police because... essentially with the juvenile justice system little can be done with these people.

"Just frustration and anger knowing there will be no consequences and we can't go get their parents to pay for it.

"I'm going to be having conversations with parliamentarians because the juvenile justice system is ridiculous. There's no consequences.

"It's just a joke.”

The Strand administration manager Lynne Jolly was reeling this morning after six juveniles hit the venue around 2am and stole six bottles of liquor.

Footage and finger prints were collected by police.

"They need to be dealt with,” Ms Jolly said.

"They smashed two big glass windows/doors and used a brick to get in.

"They jumped over the back and came through and tried to break one door but it was too strong.

"It's dreadful.”

The manager was alerted to the break-in when an alarm was sounded, but by then the gang had fled.

"You can see in the footage they were all on their phones so they probably had people watching out back,” Ms Jolly said.

A spokesperson for Domino's Yeppoon said property was damaged at the venue but no team members were physically harmed during the incident.

"Domino's will continue to work closely with the local police on this matter,” the spokesperson said.

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