REPAIR JOB: Maureen Mahuta wants to know why Livingstone Shire Council have offered her no assistance
REPAIR JOB: Maureen Mahuta wants to know why Livingstone Shire Council have offered her no assistance Trish Bowman

Yeppoon fall victim: How about a hand council?

MAUREEN Mahuta got more than she bargained for when she opted to take a stroll on her doctor's advice.

The otherwise healthy 80-year-old from Yeppoon broke her wrist after falling on an uneven pathway and ended up in plaster with no help to do the simple things in life.

Maureen said her doctor's advice was to exercise daily to keep fit and healthy.

"Really good sound advice, especially for an 80-year-old like myself except that my walk ended in a lot of pain and a feeling of disappointment with our local council," Maureen said.

"The pathway has since been repaired by council but they did nothing to help me out for the duration of the time I have had to endure managing with my arm in plaster."

Daughter Debbie explained that after the fall she took her mother Maureen to Livingstone Council Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall in Yeppoon to report the incident and ask for some assistance.

"The footpath had a sunken section close to the corner near St Vinnies. We reported the incident and the pathway hazard to council and were told someone would get back to us," Debbie said.

"Mum didn't want to sue the council, the last thing she wanted was to cause any trouble but she did verbally ask for some assistance with meals and some help with domestic duties.

"We heard nothing for a week so we went back to council and were told we had to write a letter of intent stating that she needed assistance for the 6 weeks she would have her arm in plaster, which mum did.

"I am going through chemo and often struggle myself at the moment so we thought it reasonable to ask for help.

"The only call we ever got from council was from a maintenance person to locate the position of the fall hazard.

"Mum has been in plaster for 4 weeks now and still no response or offer of assistance from council, it is very disappointing given that my mother is adamant that she has no intention of seeing solicitors or making a fuss, she just wanted the courtesy of some help until her cast is off and she is able to do things for herself."

A Livingstone Shire Council spokesman said while Maureen may not wish to sue the council or cause any trouble (noting that Council does not view Maureen's request as causing trouble), Council had insurance for these matters.

"However, a formal statement of claim (providing particulars of the assistance sought) is required for Council's insurer," the spokesman said.

"It is appreciated that these processes can be frustrating. Consequently, Council has been working with Maureen and officers have been in contact with her to obtain the required information in an effort to expedite a satisfactory resolution.

"As an interim measure, officers from Council's Community Centre will connect Maureen with service providers (such as meals on wheel) who can assist her with day to day activities until she has recovered completely."

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