‘You cannot just stick animals in the shed to die’

A 44-year-old Adelaide woman has been given a suspended jail sentence for failing to care for a dog that was found barely alive and suffering chronic diarrhoea.

Tracey Goldner was also ordered to pay more than $1600 in vet bills after RSPCA officers found four-year-old American Staffordshire bull terrier Butch in the backyard of her home in July last year.

In Adelaide Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal said Butch was extremely emaciated, barely breathing and had to be euthanised.

Ms Hribal said she rejected submissions that Goldner, who pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable steps to mitigate harm to an animal, could not get proper treatment for the dog.

"Animals require people to look after them. You must feed them, take care of them and take them to the vet when they show signs of illness," she said.

"You cannot just stick them in a back shed and leave them to die.

"There is no doubt that this dog would have experienced extreme discomfort and pain, and desperately needed some assistance."

Ms Hribal jailed Goldner for almost three months but suspended the term, placing her on a two-year good-behaviour bond.

She had previously imposed a similar suspended sentence on Goldner's 22-year-old daughter Casey for the same offending.

In submissions, counsel for the RSPCA Chloe Swinden had called for a custodial sentence for Tracey Goldner.

"It is difficult to conceive of a more serious example of this offence," Ms Swinden said.

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