Young players have to hang tough

A question in the back of the minds of supporters of football has to be “where do we go from here?”.

Whether people like it or not the simple fact is that football in this region is judged on the success or the failure of the Cougars.

Recent SMS messages lay blame but that is unhelpful as the CQ needs to look at what can be achieved and whether we really care enough to have a pathway for our better players.

The Cougars is designed as a pathway for the best young players in our region to test themselves and hopefully take steps along the pathway to a career in the sport without having to leave home.

The present group of youngsters are good players, our best, who are trying to jump a couple of levels and be competitive in the QSL.

Everyone agrees on one thing – the standard of the local game is not where it should be.

Did those in charge of the sport locally miss a chance of making the local game stronger and help bridge the gap between local football and the state league by not culling teams from the premier division?

A stronger premier division would give players more confidence to achieve in the QSL.

Currently the division has 11 teams and that is around 200 players who, theoretically, are considered to be of a standard to make the Cougars.

If we really do have that many in the region then somehow, I for one, have missed seeing them.

In the short term I can only praise the youngsters in this Cougars team who are striving to get better, are enthusiastic in their training and wanting to represent CQ.

Progression through the age-groups should promote the Cougars brand for the future but first the club has to hang in there.

So where do we go?

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