Young Red Devil bikie gunned down in parent's driveway

A YOUNG outlaw bikie gang member was gunned down in the driveway of his parent's home in Melbourne in what has been described as 'open suburban warfare' among rival gangs.

Police confirmed the victim was a Red Devil bikie - a group affiliated with the Hells Angels.

The man, in his 20s, was shot last night  multiple times in the back  in McCarty Ave, Epping, in what may have been a revenge attack.

Emergency services were called to the scene shortly after 9pm.

A member of an outlaw bikie club, Ben Pegoraro of the Red Devils, lives in the street, Melbourne's Herald Sun reports.

His older brother, Daniel, a father of four and a Hells Angels nominee, also lists his address in Epping.

Daniel, 27, was suspected in bikie circles of the shooting of Bandido Toby Mitchell in Melton on March 1.

The Herald Sun has not learned either man is a victim of last night's shooting.

The shooting comes amid raging debate in Queensland over its tough stance on bikie laws.

An exclusive APN Australian Regional Media survey showed most people did not believe Queensland's bikie laws were needed.

But Police Minister Jack Dempsey rejected the findings, saying he believed the majority of people supported what the government was trying to do.

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