COOL MOVE: Ella and Bella at their stand last year.
COOL MOVE: Ella and Bella at their stand last year. Contributed

Young Rocky entrepreneurs serve up icy cool treat

IF YOU'RE feeling thirsty tomorrow and want some good old home lemonade, head to Wandal.

12 year-old best friends forever Ella Marshall and Bella Mitchiner will be holding a lemonade stand for all those in need of a cool drink - or an icepole.

This year will be their third time running the stall.

"I've always wanted to do a lemonade stand, one year we just decided to do it and we built it,” Ella said,

Stepmum Amanda said they love seeing the girls get involved in a project together.

"One year they were just bored during Christmas and they thought it would be something fun.”

Funds from the stand go a local charity, Capricorn Animal Aid.

"Just before they finished building their stand we adopted a little dog from the CAA and they decided to donate the money to them,” Amanda said.

INSPIRING: Ella with the adopted CAA pet, Lexie.
INSPIRING: Ella with the adopted CAA pet, Lexie. Amanda Marshall

This year, the profits will be split between CAA and a friend who is undergoing medical surgery.

"A school friend of theirs Bailey Jensen, was diagnosed with a brain tumour over the school holiday so the girls decided they wanted to help out him and his family and split the profits,” Amanda said.

Last year they gave $400 to CAA.

"They want to try and break that one this year,” Amanda said.

It is quite popular with neighbours, friends, family and the general public.

"Last year it was shared a lot on Facebook so it was quite popular because of that, they're always really busy,” Amanda said.

"Anyone really, people driving past.

"I see some people drive past and they do a U-Turn and they say "oh it is so good to see kids out and about and seeing them doing things”.

"Everyone is really positive.”

The lemonade is a special mix that can't be bought anywhere else.

"They have their own special recipe they make from different soft drinks and juices,” Amanda said.

Over the years, the girls have also expanded.

"Last year they added Zooper Doopers and this year they are adding a Mandarin Punch to their repetorie,” Amanda said.

"Now they are a bit older they can expand.”

And most of all they have fun.

"We always set up a bit of a pool under the house, they have the music going and they have a chat,” Amanda said.

"It's better than them sitting on their iPads.”

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