YOUR GUIDE: Livingstone Shire Council candidates in 2016

THE campaign for a seat next term on Livingstone Shire Council is one full of familiar faces and a few newbies.

There are 13 candidates vying for one of the six council seats.

Former councillor Brett Svendsen, who missed out on being elected last election, has thrown his hat into the ring again.

Sitting councillors Glenda Mather, Tom Wyatt, Jan Kelly, Adam Belot, Nigel Hutton and Graham Scott have all nominated in the 2016 election.

If you are a candidate in the Livingstone or Rockhampton local government elections, you can email your profile (including background information and why you are standing of under 300 words) and headshot to the Online team: Click here to submit candidate profile. Note: profiles will be edited to comply with laws related to election campaigns and news publishing

The list of Livingstone candidates, as the names will appear on Ballot papers, with some information about who they are:

Lou Shipway

Lou Shipway is running for council in the upcoming election. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Lou Shipway is running for council in the upcoming election. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison

Lou Shipway wants to see the jewels in the Capricorn Coast crown glisten at the upcoming March elections.

The avid volunteer is one of 13 candidates running for the six councillor positions and is brushing up on her 10 years' experience in local government in New South Wales to make the most of an opportunity.

Ms Shipway, a Farnborough local, is part of Capricorn Coast Community Events, Pineapple Fest, Lions and the Yeppoon Show Society; roles she does not take lightly.

"The job has got to be done and somebody has got to do it," she said.

"I have a relatively wide skill base and I am more than happy to give a helping hand."

Ms Shipway said the friendly and welcoming nature of the Capricorn Coast community inspired her to take up the challenge and nominate for a councillor position.

"I think it's one of the best places in the world to live," she said.

"The people are so friendly and resilient and Cyclone Marcia certainly showed the strength in the community.

"Smart planning will help that along and I'm keen to contribute some fresh ideas.

"I strive to see Livingstone grow from strength to strength so let's keep it that way.

"I will make no promises, I am not in a position to do that.

"I can only listen to their concerns and take that to the table."

Lou has been a volunteer on the Capricorn Coast since 2003 and has a passion for nature and landscape photography, particularly "critters, birds and spiders"

She likes gardening, golf and fishing and is a "bit of a rugby league nut"

Get in contact with Lou via her campaign Facebook Page

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher will run for a role as Councillor in the upcoming Livingstone Shire elections. Photo Trish Bowman / Capricorn Coast Mirror
Brian Fisher will run for a role as Councillor in the upcoming Livingstone Shire elections. Photo Trish Bowman / Capricorn Coast Mirror Trish Bowman

Brian has put his hand up to run for Livingstone as he believes his experience in business and his openness for change can help Livingston to its full potential.

"My life in a nutshell is that I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Adrianne and between us we have six great kids and are lucky enough to have six gorgeous grandchildren," it states on the About section on his Facebook page.

"I have been self-employed for over 30 years now, having started several first time businesses which were subsequently sold & are still in operation today.

I have never been afraid to take on new ideas and be forward thinking; I have owned and operated businesses from Cattle, Turf to Building.

"I was always interested in the community even as a young fella and in my life time I have been involved in several clubs and community groups. I'm a member of APEX and I was awarded a life membership, member of Rotary Club, Vice President of Yeppoon Turf Club & President of Capricorn Coast Outrigger Club also Committee & founding member of CCBA.

"In my spare time when I'm not running the business or involved in the community, I enjoy fishing, crabbing, having a drink at the pub but mostly I love spending time with my family and friend's especially spending time with my precious grandchildren.

"I believe a fresh start along with the right council can make this place even more liveable by reducing the cost of living and increasing our living standards."

Contact Brian on Facebook here: Brian Fisher on Facebook

Pat Eastwood

Pat Eastwood is running for Livingstone Shire Council in the 2016 local government elections.
Pat Eastwood is running for Livingstone Shire Council in the 2016 local government elections.

PAT Eastwood thinks Livingstone Shire's councillors are doing a great job, but he believes he could enhance their team of community leaders.

As a local business owner, school chaplain, former police officer and keen surfer, Mr Eastwood believes his experience in many different areas gives him a good grounding to stand as a councillor.

"I was a police officer for 10 years in my younger days and became a youth worker when I found that many of my 'customers' were kids," Mr Eastwood said.

His passion for people and wanting to see the shire advance in infrastructure and tourism were big motivators in Mr Eastwood's decision to run in the 2016 local government election.

Moving to the shire in 2002 with his family to take up a position as the chaplain at Yeppoon High School, Mr Eastwood said they fell in love with the laidback nature of the coast.

But Mr Eastwood said enticing visitors to the region was a huge necessity to sustain the local economy into the future.

"As a small business owner of a surf school (Capricorn Coast Learn 2 Surf), we have been able to ride the back of the mining boom," he said.

"I want to get the tourists into town, whether this be backpackers and/or families, because we often get bypassed.

"I seriously think pushing the northern loop road connecting to the Bruce Hwy would really benefit us.

A joint coastline walking path and more accessibility for people with disabilities were top priorities for Mr Eastwood.

"Having a disabled son, it's great to be in a smaller community… I am grateful for facilities that we have and would like to see more," he said.


Glenda Mather

Brett Svendsen

Emu Park resident and Livingstone Shire Council candidate, Brett Svendsen. Photo Amy Haydock / The Morning Bulletin
Emu Park resident and Livingstone Shire Council candidate, Brett Svendsen. Photo Amy Haydock / The Morning Bulletin Amy Haydock

Brett Svendsen has a new list of priorities and hopes to bring them to life in Livingstone.

Born in Yeppoon and having lived in Emu Park most of his life Mr Svendsen has previously served on the Livingstone and Rockhampton councils.

Since last serving on the council the projects which the Emu Park local fought for are now realities.

Mr Svendsen said he had a whole new list of priorities covering different areas of the region which he would implement if elected to council which included upgrades of boat ramps, a 12 month freeze on rates and a Cawarral skate park to name a few.

The candidate said the main reason he was running for council was because there wasn't enough attention on the Emu Park end of the coast.

"I don't think we have enough representation from down this end of the coast," he said.

"Getting councillors down this end is quite difficult...I'm here, I'm hands on."

Mr Svendsen said the people of Livingstone really needed to have councillors which truly represented the region.

"If you look at all the other councillors running they aren't in any community groups. I've probably got more experience than a lot of the candidates."

Mr Svendsen hoped he would have the chance to serve on council so he could implement his new ideas.

"If I am elected it will be an honour to serve constituents once again."

Tom Wyatt

Tom's connection to the Capricorn Coast began when his family built their first home in 1978.

The Livingstone shire councillor says from the moment he arrived he could see what a great place the Capricorn Coast was.


Mr Wyatt said the council needed a mix of experienced hands as well as some fresh faces.

"I have extensive experience in the workings of local government, small business and involvement with community groups and organisations."

Some of the key areas which he would like to focus on if re-elected would involve upgrades to local areas.

"I will focus my energies on the upgrading of Livingstone's sporting facilities, parks and open space and shade development over playgrounds, along with maintaining and improving our rural and urban road networks," he said.

"Keeping rates affordable for all ratepayers, urban and rural will also be one of my highest priorities, especially for young families and our senior citizens."

Mr Wyatt said council needed to be more efficient with better service delivery and maintenance programs across the whole of the shire.

"We need council to come up with long term programs in areas like storm water management," he said.

"We also need to develop programs for beach restoration in areas of major concern such as Zilzie and Mulambin.

"This is all about creating an environment which will entice business and investors to the region.

"But we need to be mindful that we absolutely maintain the elements that make it such a special place for people to live."

Mr Watt said his overall vision and commitment was to continue to work hard on council for costal and rural ratepayers.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is giving 100% to being elected as a Councillor with the new Livingstone council.
Paul Mitchell is giving 100% to being elected as a Councillor with the new Livingstone council.

PAUL Mitchell wants to be a voice for the region and believes community consultation is key to the success of the region's future.

That is why the local father-of-three has decided to run in the 2016 local government election.

The Livingstone Shire Council candidate has always been passionate about the region.

As the PCYC youth skills co-ordinator and program manager for the Horizon Early Intervention Youth Program, he's always had a strong focus on helping the region's youth.

In 2014 Paul supported several teenagers from the region to trek Papua New Guinea's Kokoda Track.

Paul has been part of committees for several organisations in the region that were created to help boost tourism and community development in the region.

Prior to his current role with the PCYC, he was the regional manager for a not-for-profit job services organisation assisting the unemployed population to engage in education and sustainable full-time work in the region.

But Paul said the older members of the community and community members with disabilities were just as important as the younger generation and that he wants to ensure they are able to access support and community services.

"If I am elected, I believe it will be my job to listen to the people of the community, advocate for the issues, concerns and ideas of the community and be a strong voice on council, so everyone gets to have a say in what happens in our region."

When Paul's not trekking Kokoda, he's running into the surf at Kemp Beach or pushing his kids on the swings at one of the local parks.

Paul also ran in the 2013 de-amalgamation.

Paul spends his weekends at his favourite beach, Kemp Beach, or taking his three kids to the water park


Graham Scott

Graham, who has been on Livingstone Shire Council for two years, said he believed the council had started very well and overcome some serious challenges in the first two years.

"The next four years will be critical to delivering many of the projects already initiated, and developing a strong council organisation."

The current councillor said many of the initiatives he listed two years ago were now well under way but there were still some items on the to-do list.

"Nearly all these projects are at a critical stage of delivery and to maximise community benefit and minimise community cost, there is still a lot of engagement to be undertaken and critical decisions to be made.

"The regional outlook is not that bright yet, so it is vital that these projects provide maximum benefit to our community."

Mr Scott said Livingstone Shire Council was only two years old and had performed extremely well under often difficult circumstances.

"This is due to tremendous effort and dedication from the entire staff, I would like to ensure that this culture of rising to challenges and showing leadership at all levels is rewarded and strengthened.

"Some 'under the bonnet' work in this term should consolidate an excellent organisation that will serve the community well for many years to come."

The councillor looked forward to actively contributing his knowledge and experience to get the best results we could.

"Reflecting on what has been achieved in only two years, I think we have made a good start.

"The next four years will have plenty of opportunities and challenges in equal measure and the result should be very exciting," he added.

Graham is the manager of Calibre Consulting's Rockhampton Office, the chair of Capricorn Enterprise and has appeared on episodes of 'Escape with ET'.

Graham has three children.

Jan Kelly

JAN is running once again to secure her spot in 2016.

Living along the Capricorn Coast for 25 years, the Yeppoon local wants to ensure the reasons residents are living in the Livingstone Shire are not lost.

Ms Kelly said she brought over 30 years' experience in local government to Livingstone and knows what is required of a councillor.

"With my portfolio being Community Development and Support, I have worked to restore and build the spirit of community back into Livingstone," she said.

"I have worked to make tangible financial and resource opportunities available for our residents, organisations and clubs."

The councillor said throughout her working life she represented people when they needed someone to fight for them.

"I continue to fight for fairness and natural justice for all," she said.

"I have no personal or public agenda apart from pursuing the best outcomes for our shire."

"I am an independent candidate and have never been a member of any political party."

Ms Kelly said she had been a part of the de-amalgamated Livingstone from the beginning and wanted to be there for the next four years.

"I want to be there for the next four years to continue with the work which I have done and the success that Livingstone has enjoyed during our first term."

"I am confident I have the necessary skills for the task and would like to continue to be one of the elected representatives on Livingstone Shire Council."

Jan Kelly's Plans for Livingstone

  • Any increase in rates and fees are kept within acceptable limits
  • Council service delivery standards are maintained at levels that meet the expectations of our residents
  • Cohesive community outcomes are also achieved

Chris McJannett

Chris McJannett, Candidate for Livingstone Shire Council Photo: Contributed
Chris McJannett, Candidate for Livingstone Shire Council Photo: Contributed

Chris McJannett is fighting for a community focus.

The Yeppoon man put in his nomination to run yesterday and has already identified employment and community organisation support to be the major targets for his campaign.

Chris, a local organiser for the Services Union, said he had seen "up close" the importance of the region's community and sporting groups.

"The Livingstone region has survived through some major challenges these past few years and it is in no small part thanks directly to our community groups, and to those sporting clubs which continue to bring people together and make it a better place to live," he said.

Chris also committed to campaigning for greater investment in community facilities and infrastructure outside of the Yeppoon town centre, with secure children's play areas and dog off-leash areas the priority.

"Our region is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, but this can only be improved by providing more areas for locals to take their kids without worry, or play with the dogs in a secure environment," he said.

"Council should be confident to continue operating successfully and delivering vital projects for our region - the only real change on the table is that added level of transparency so locals can see they are getting the very best service from any local government."

The candidate also commended the current council, and its staff, in getting back on its feet after de-amalgamation.
Chris said he believes now is the time to focus on local jobs and the community to ensure the region could continue to grow.

Chris said he would be talking with as many locals as possible in the lead-up to election day on March 19.

Nigel Hutton


STRONG CONNECTIONS: Livingstone Shire Council Councillor Nigel Hutton.
STRONG CONNECTIONS: Livingstone Shire Council Councillor Nigel Hutton. Trish Bowman


NIGEL Hutton wants to make sure the voices of every generation have the chance to be heard.

The Livingstone Shire Councillor who is putting his hat in the ring again for the 2016 election says he is driven to serve the community for another term in local government.

Having grown up on the Capricorn Coast and served in the inaugural term of the Livingstone Shire Council, Mr Hutton believes he can engage with residents rather than just gather feedback.

"I bring a commitment to advancing the causes of youth, community and sporting groups and a responsible attitude to finances; understanding the real impact of rates on families, individuals, retirees, and seniors," he said.

Nigel grew up on the Capricorn Coast and attended both Yeppoon Primary and High School then went on to study at CQUniversity.

The father and husband teaches a grade three class at Yeppoon Primary, Chairs the Pinefest and is a member of the Yeppoon Lions Club, while serving his first term at Livingstone Shire Council.

However he says his most important role to date is being a father and a husband.

Nigel spends as much time with his wife, daughter and their dog "Kaos" while awaiting their second child which is due in July.

Aaron Solito

Emu Park boxer Nick Haydock and Parky Boys Boxing Club trainer Aaron Solito in Mackay after Nick's win on Saturday. Photo Contributed / The Capricorn Coast Mirror
Emu Park boxer Nick Haydock and Parky Boys Boxing Club trainer Aaron Solito in Mackay after Nick's win on Saturday. Photo Contributed / The Capricorn Coast Mirror Contributed RCC

Aaron Solito's last bouts in the boxing ring were "many moons ago" but now he's gearing up again - this time to fight for his Emu Park community.

The 37-year-old is in the running for a Livingstone Shire councillor position at the March elections and the keen businessman has his community at the forefront of his mind. Mr Solito, a father of three girls, first started the Emu Park boxing club 10 years ago and has since seen multiple students advance to represent the state at the national titles.

He said his passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of his community was as strong as seeing local small businesses thrive.

"(The club) is helping the local youth in the community," he said.

"It's about giving back to youth with focus towards being a role model.

"I'd like to see the community thrive as well as businesses and see some confidence come back into the local business district.

"I'd like to see the area grow towards the future to ensure the region won't be bypassed."

Mr Solito said he was in support of projects which would see the Capricorn Coast community develop, including a sports facility at Emu Park and the Great Keppel Island project.

"I'm very supportive of and would love to see the Great Keppel Island project go ahead for the whole community," he said.

"The overflow from the island for the coast can only be positive, I can't see any negatives."

Aaron is a father to three girls and has lived in Emu Park for 30 years

He runs the not-for-profit Emu Park boxing club and has a passion for supporting the region's youth

Aaron's family has a history in local business and he owns Trance Formation Academy, a business aimed at supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of the Capricorn Coast community

Adam Belot


Adam Belot is seeking to be re-elected to Livingstone council in the 2016 election.
Adam Belot is seeking to be re-elected to Livingstone council in the 2016 election. Chris Ison


LIVINGSTONE councillor Adam Belot is changing the campaign trail.

In the running for another term in one of the six positions up for grabs, Mr Belot said he was taking a 21st century approach to spreading his community message.

Launching a campaign video, Mr Belot is hoping to back up a successful term in council with re-election.

"In 1916, wannabe politicians and councillor candidates across Australia would have stood on a wooden box or in the back of a farm ute in order to convince the public to vote for them," he said.

"In 2016 times have moved on and I recognise the need to move with them.

"Social media is fast becoming the preferred method of communication especially for Gen Y'ers."

Mr Belot said the Yeppoon and Emu Park foreshore redevelopments would continue to be a strong focus of his if re-elected, via both video and traditional forms.

"Certainty the foreshore redevelopments at both Yeppoon and Emu Park, and with the funding approved, are going to ensure we get something built by the people for the people," he said.

"I certainly want to contribute to the way that's going to look.

"I want to ensure the community have a large say in what the end result is."

Adam lives in Cooee Bay and has four children, Mikaela, 22, Sarah, 19, Hannah, 15 and Levi, 10.

At the last election, he paddled a kayak from Keppel Island to the mainland to promote the "beach to the bush".

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