Rockhampton schools.
Rockhampton schools.

YOUR SAY: Public V private school funding debate goes on

READERS were getting riled up on Monday when a list of the richest and poorest schools in Central Queensland were revealed, sparking a debate on whether the government should update its funding models.

The story looked at the gross income of schools in the region, revealing their income in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and the average fees per students.

People had a lot to say on the topic, mostly about the disparity between funding for private and public schools.

Read what people had to say.

Marlene Gilligan: Parents should send their children to whatever school they wish and if everyone when to public schools they would never cope.

Gavin Watts: Public schools receive approx. 30% more per student in funding than private schools. Parents are forking out a heap of money to bridge the gap …

Michael Chadbone: When will the LNP step up and ensure EVERY school across the country is properly funded? The schools in Capricornia are $23 million worse off as a result of the last Federal Election.

Roz Harrison: I pay a lot more than $10k a year to send my kids to daycare.

Tiani Morschel: And the Federal Government increased funding to private schools while cutting funding to public schools.

Kylie N Charliegh Maunder: Why is everyone so surprised? This has ben going on for decades. If you can afford to send your kids to private schools then that’s awesome.

Noni Maree: Private schools should not receive government funding because public schools are under funded with a harder student cohort.

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