Nationals Member for Dawson George Christensen.
Nationals Member for Dawson George Christensen.

YOUR SAY: Questions remain over Christensen’s absence

Mural not 'relevant'

I CAN see where some people feel animosity towards a wall mural that has been vandalised ­recently.

After all the moves in the past decades to include our First Australians, such as voting, apologies, land rights, traditional land ­returns, health and welfare gains and employment opportunities it seems a bit crass to highlight an atrocity that happened nearly 150 years ago.

Nobody alive was involved in any such wicked act and, with all the gains made in reconciliation, it seems this sort of display only continues to divide, when a more uplifting mural could be painted to highlight the progress we have made, such as traditional land ­return.

Time to get a more relevant painting to celebrate the gains we have achieved and the strides we have made to address the ­inequalities that existed at the time of this horrific incident.

Rafe McCormack, Walkerston


Questions over absence remain

IF FORMER Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin briefed the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the chances of George ­Christensen being detained on his arrival in Manila, it is of the ­utmost of importance to the ­voters of Dawson.

At that time Mr Christensen was dubbed the 'Member for Manila' by his colleagues as printed in the Sydney Morning Herald on December 2, 2019, but by the time the federal election was held, other issues had consumed the voting public thus sidelining his 28 trips to the Philippines.

George's current coalition leader Prime Minister Scott Morrison's confidence in Colvin's integrity must remain intact by appointing Colvin to head the National Bushfire Recovery Agency for regional Australia.

Contrary to George alleging it was a smear campaign, I ask could any other worker that votes in Dawson electorate be absent from their workplace overseas for almost 300 days over a period of four years and not have $1 deducted from their take-home pay?

Gary Bell, Eimeo


Spruce up opportunity Airlie

NOW we have a great opportunity for local businesses to inspect and clean their frontages in Airlie's main street while quite a lot of our town's shops are not open.

If all business owners/landlords take the time to go and have a really good look at the exterior of their businesses as seen while closed, you might be surprised to discover that there is chipped paint, grubby awnings, dirty entrance areas, and perhaps less than shiny windows as well.

It must be easy during normal times to just unlock the front door, some putting goods out for display on the footpath, then stay inside all day, until it is time to close, lock the door and walk away without looking at the state of the physical premises that the public sees, particularly after hours while maybe window shopping, out for a meal or going to the lagoon, when there are few or no people on the footpaths, and no distractions with less traffic, etc.

Asking landlords to perhaps help with covering costs for paint and materials (mostly minimal areas anyway) or even better doing the work themselves if they are local.

What a good DIY job to get done while the main street is empty, and you are not going to work, providing a bit of exercise with no social distancing problem at all.

It is also an ideal time for Whitsunday Regional Council to pressure wash the footpaths too.

Let's not allow this unfortunate period to go by without an effort to lift the standard and create some sparkle ready for the return of customers and tourists.

I hope to see that our business community cares about the exterior first impressions their customers see, and make the effort now while times are tough.

Yvonne Chaloner, Airlie Beach


Rental support

THE Palaszczuk Government is always there for those who need it most.

That's why the government listened to tenants and property owners to establish Queensland's approach to the National Cabinet's moratorium on evictions.

As a government that consults, listens and acts, we've taken on board the concerns of Queensland property owners and tenants to make sure everyone can get through this difficult time.

Working with industry stakeholders, a Residential Tenancies Practice Guide Covid-19 for ­property owners and tenants has now been developed.

The Guide will help owners and tenants deal with Covid-19, including free, impartial and expert conciliation from the Residential Tenancies Authority, if parties need additional support to reach agreement.

Tenants and property owners in significant financial distress are also being supported through a $20 million rental grant package, as recently announced with the framework.

Amendments to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act were passed in parliament this week to enable the emergency measures.

Visit for more information.

Julieanne Gilbert, Mackay MP


Social distancing etiquette

THE Covid-19 virus has caused staggering numbers of deaths in Europe and the USA.

The whole world is suffering under various levels of social and business restrictions to try to stop the spread.

In Australia we still have relatively light restrictions on our ­personal movements.

Here in the Whitsundays we are lucky to have the Bicentennial Walkway between Cannonvale and Airlie Beach on which we can walk, run or cycle and enjoy the stunning weather.

But parts of the walkway are narrow.

In order for users to maintain a safe distance we all need to make an effort to keep as far left as possible when passing someone going the other way.


If all users think about their social distancing obligations we can all continue to go out for some exercise safely.

Elmer Ten-Haken,


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