Our Team

Frazer Pearce - Editor

Editor Frazer Pearce arrived at The Morning Bulletin in 1998 as a grade 3 journalist. Before he was appointed editor in 2006 he enjoyed stints as court, police and council reporter and a few years as chief of staff. When he is not leading his crack news team, he spends most of his spare time chasing his three kids, coaching the Nerimbera U8s soccer team and cooking pizzas.

Adam Wratten - News Director

Since starting at The Morning Bulletin six years ago, Adam has made a name for himself breaking huge stories, such as the condom in an Easter egg exclusive. Outside work he also enjoys kicking goals for his soccer team, Nerimbera Mighty Magpies, and hopes to play into his 40s as long as his weight allows him. He’s cautiously optimistic.

Allan Reinikka - Photographer

The roller derby loving, pole dancing, self-taught photographer is affectionately nicknamed “Rallycar” for his prowess in rally car driving and tongue-twisting last name. Apart from his unique talents, including creating handmade corsets, Rallycar can knock out a fantastic photo shoot or jaw-dropping graphic in a flash and with the click of a button.

Kerri-Anne Mesner - Online Producer/Reporter

Kerri-Anne is a gypsy journalist who has reported in four states, covering different levels of politics and all kinds of general news stories. She loves NRL, boxer dogs, Nickelback and healthy food.

Amy Haydock - Rocky Mirror and BEAT editor

Amy manages to juggle putting together Rockhampton’s free weekly community newspaper, the Rocky Mirror, and reporting on the latest news and gossip in the entertainment, arts and music scene across the region. She has interviewed famous acts D12, Missy Higgins, Xavier Rudd and many more. Amy also puts together The Bully’s Friday to Sunday GO section.

Austin King - Reporter

Austin joined the mass Kiwi exodus to Australia earlier this year. The Maori boy joined The Bully crew in April after a two-year reporting stint with NZ APN publication, The Gisborne Herald. His achievements include coming 467th in a New Zealand quarter marathon, where about 468 competitors took part.

Chris Schwarten - Reporter

As the former editor of the Rockhampton Mirror, Chris has extensive experience covering community and political issues. But his real passion is music. The singer and guitar player enjoys reviewing albums and listening to a wide variety of music genres. He prefers to groove to the likes of Kasabian, rather than Katy Perry. But we all know who he’d prefer to look at.

Christine McKee - Capricorn Coast Reporter

Christine is the old girl in the coast office. She’s also a ballet teacher and still owns a ballet school in Victoria. Christine grew up in Gladstone and returned to the Rockhampton region this year after 30 years away. Along with a passion for reporting the news and dance, she also loves the great outdoors, being on the water, learning to surf, dogs and doing absolutely nothing.

Emma McBryde - Reporter

Emma’s first experience at The Bully was wading through thigh-high water in search of cracking yarns when the Fitzroy River broke its banks in 2010/2011 and flooded parts of Rockhampton. She maintains she did not wail like a banshee when she stood on a palm frond in murky flood water. Now she navigates the corridors of City Hall in search of important local issues, or a toilet.

Jenny Lightfoot - Our Town Photojournalist

Jenny Lightfoot is a photo-journalist, who has been with The Morning Bulletin eight years. She enjoys interviewing people of all ages, from all walks of life who have interesting stories to tell for the Our Town section of Friday and Saturday’s paper. Jenny also pays tribute to long-time residents who have made their mark in the community.

Kara Paradies - Reporter

Kara grew up in Emerald and has a passion for Central Queensland. Despite only kicking off her career in journalism in November, 2011, Kara covers court and looks after The Bully’s social media sites. Her greatest life experience is touching the arm of singing sensation Taylor Swift. She has since never washed her right hand.

Kathleen Calderwood – Rural Weekly CQ Reporter

Despite being a city girl Kathleen loves travelling the region, meeting new people and discovering their ways of life. To her it’s all one big adventure. She is hugely interested in rural and regional health services, sustainability, community support and relationships in the bush. Kathleen and her camera and love attending local events like shows and campdrafts -don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to her and have a chat.

Melanie Plane - Sports Reporter

Not all sports reporters can navigate sporting fields in high heels. But Mel is one of a kind. The fashionista, cyclist and Aussie Rules player describes herself as a mad sports fan. The youngster of the office keeps the newsroom on a permanent sugar high from her never-ending lolly jar, while remaining to get the lowdown on everything sport across the region.

Michelle Curran – Sports Editor

Michelle is a sun loving Aussie-born Kiwi who recently moved back to Queensland to escape the New Zealand rain. She loves watching all sports, but really enjoys a good game of union or league. She likes to keep fit through swimming, trying to surf and doing the odd half ironman.

Sharyn O’Neill – Photojournalist and Super Mum Columnist

Super mum, super photographer, Sharyn is just an all-round super person. Since starting with the company in 2005 she has worked as a journalist, sub-editor, photographer and columnist. Hmmm, we wonder what she will do next? The editor can rest easy though. She’s not really keen on taking over his desk job, preferring to get out and about in the region, with camera in hand.

Chris Ison – Chief Photographer

Information classified top secret.