September 2020

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Michelle Landry said if the announcement precluded the Federal Government’s Victoria Park proposal, there would be “absolute war”.

STADIUM SHOWDOWN: State pledges $25M to Browne Park

"Great news - now we get two stadiums. They may not be as grand as Townsville but it's far better than..."

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New data reveals the cars Queenslanders are driving more of as their taste for luxury grows. SEE THE LIST

What is the most popular car in your Queensland suburb?

"As usual the queensland suburbs end after the Southeast. Toowoomba always appears to be a very rich..."

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The election promises are coming thick and fast with the Victoria Park Gymnastic and Trampoline Club the latest potential beneficiary.

$750,000 promise for Rocky’s Gymnastic and Trampoline Club

"But nothing is coming from Labour who will likely win so it all means nothing. "

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The surprise funding announcement for a stadium in Rockhampton comes after concerted lobbying from Michelle Landry and Pauline Hanson.

FUNDING SHOCK: $23m committed to build Rockhampton stadium

"I thought Brown park was aready 8000 capacity. The city needs more than that to host major events."

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A terminally-ill Gold Coast woman has married the ‘love of her life’ during a ‘beautiful’ wedding arranged by kind-hearted strangers in a matter of days.

‘Tears everywhere’: Terminally ill woman’s dream wedding

"Any business doing weddings would be hurting this year but it's great they found the generosity to..."

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The region is crying out for better facilities and training opportunities but there are concerns around a private company receiving $50m in tax payer’s money.

Qld Govt responds to $50M CQUni request for new TAFE

"All the regional money was spent this week in Townsville and Cairns. Sorry central Queensland - you'll..."

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China is at it again launching another scathing attack on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s crackdown on foreign investment.

China’s dire warning for Australia

"Australia exports 40% of it's products to China and only 4% to the United States. Why are we so..."

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It is understood a student was hurt in a violence incident at the school.

UPDATE: Student hospitalised after Rocky school incident

"and the Govt wonders why the enrollments are dropping at the three Rockhampton public high schools but..."

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HOW to get your business logo emblazoned on the RACQ Capricorn Rescue helicopter.

Win a spot on Capricorn Rescue chopper

"Many of their missions are to country people so one would hope some of the many wealthy Rural holding..."

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