June 2019

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Drug and alcohol affected residents could soon get help closer to home.

Rehabilitation centre one step closer to construction

"ICESUP is excited about the development of the Detox/rehabilitation. A facility close to home of..."

February 2019

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The haunting memory of seeing two Dalby kids addicted to ice at ages 12 and 13 fuels the police officer to end drug crime in his town.

Police reveal tragic encounter with pre-teen meth addicts

"ICESUP-CQ Families looking for information regarding ice and Support see icesupportcq.org. Let's work..."

April 2018

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NEW PHOTOS: DRIVER of the truck is out of vehicle with no injuries

Bruce Hwy re-opens after truck roll-over blocks both lanes

"Traffic slowly been allowed passed."

March 2018

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A MAN who assaulted five people within an hour blamed his brother's addiction to ice for causing him to fly off the handle.

Man sick of brother's drug habit assaults five people

"How sad but an example of what it is like for a family dealing with a loved one addicted to Ice. This..."

February 2018

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EMU Park resident Hayley Holt is a shining example of how to put your life back together after reaching an all-time low that could well have ended her life.

Emu Park mum of five rebuilds a life torn apart by ice

"Such a powerful and honest story. I'm hoping others who are using see and read your story realising..."

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Government promises to spend millions to stop drug dealers and to help impacted families

The plan to tackle regional Qld's ice epidemic

"The Action on Ice that has now been released shows the commitment including more Detox/Rehab even one..."

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Police found steroids, cannabis, ecstasy, ice, peptides, cash, mobile phones and tick sheets.

Police find $15k of drugs in six raids across Rocky

"Great to hear that raids are producing results. For families who want a bit of support and to know..."

January 2018

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LIBERAL National Party Leader Deb Frecklington has announced an assault on the ice epidemic ravaging Queensland.

LNP out to tackle ice crisis in Bundaberg

"Govt working together, fantastic. We all are after the same outcome. "

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IN CQ alone, 110 children had a parent who had recorded methamphetamine use.

New Rocky centre to help kids with ice-using parents

"This is a wonderful initiative, however sad that this is needed. Children are the vulnerable ones and..."

December 2017

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Brittany Lauga reveals when planning for the $14 million facility will begin

Keppel MP gives update on much-needed rehab centre for Rocky

"Sad to read those comments. As I say people who talk like that do not or have not experienced the..."

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