May 2020

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March 2020

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June 2019

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Israel Folau didn’t say much after his meeting with Rugby Australia, but five words were enough to prove he still doesn’t get it.

Israel Folau’s most ridiculous demand

"If we allow this to be the norm then we have to accept all free speech. The free speech of radical..."

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Police spoke to the man many times about similar acts

Man masturbating seen by children going to playground

"In what world is a $200 fine acceptable for such a vulgar act in the view of people let alone young..."

November 2018

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THE victim of a random shooting said he felt a bullet fly past his lips as he sat in his campervan parked in Rockhampton.

Campervan shooting: Victim felt second bullet pass lips

"“This defendant poses an extreme risk to the community”... and let’s him walk free into the community..."

October 2018

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Get your hair cut while you drink a cold beer at Frenchville's Barber in the Bottle Shop

Two birds, one stone: Rocky's new barber is in a bottle shop

"Agreed. And another big business taking from small operators who struggle enough as it is. "

September 2018

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'REBRANDING would offer greater opportunity to grow tourism, job creation, business growth': Livingstone mayor says region could have become a city years ago.

Seaside city: Ludwig explains major benefits of name change

"I think the idea is ludicrous. Can you even imagine the cost of rebranding? Who pays that? The rate..."

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