April 2021

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‘We don’t know how long we will have with Grayson, we just want to fulfil his life with the time we have with him and everything that makes him happy’

Little Grayson living out his dream with firefighting family

"A beautiful family..and how lovely little Grayson got to spend a day with his heros...and fabulous of..."

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‘(It) is very concerning to local residents from across the Whitsunday region, whose lives rely on renal dialysis.’

Camm slams ‘inadequate’ response to Proserpine dialysis

"Ms Camm loves the limelight...what about people travelling to Townsville..5hours up...usually onite..."

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Complaining about Christine Holgate’s gifting Cartier watches was a populist stunt that will re-ignite the debate about women.

PM paying high price for cheap outrage

"These watches were given in 2018...no pandemic...but pm mates like Gerry Harvey get job keeper and give..."

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Former Hamilton Island staff have made explosive claims about how pay issues - including many hours of unpaid overtime - stretch back years at the high-end resort.

Ex-Hamilton Island staff: ‘Work 110 hours, get paid for 70’

"Sell ya yachts...that will help repay your ripped off staff...another living "the life" off tge backs..."

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‘It is not council’s place to restrict access to a natural waterway that provides such tremendous recreational opportunities for locals and visitors’: Mackay Mayor

How Platypus Beach will be monitored over swimming season

"So how does council stop itself from being sued by anyone...who alleges...it was a council promoted..."

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Given Mackay’s housing shortage crisis, he said the council should be ‘flooding the market with housing’.

Why a Mackay housing developer is at the end of his tether

"When is this bloke going to stop.whinging..he owns half Mackay..and how about you finish the mess you..."

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It comes as opposition to the scheme grows in the UK.

Christensen says ‘no’ to COVID vaccine passports

"Hey hey ho ho the jerk of Dawson has got to go.."

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Meghan Markle’s arch-nemesis Piers Morgan has revealed what was going through his mind before and after an infamous tantrum.

Piers reveals cause of Meghan tantrum

"This wouldn't be a story if Mrs Debarcle was white...to call me a liar is ok...to call Mrs Debarcle a..."

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Your wrap up of Mackay’s Easter 2021 so far, including crime, crashes and a carjacking.

Speedsters, crashes, carjacking: Busy Easter in Mackay

"Lots of revenue raising there..now about all the stolen cars...that ended up in the river...who found..."

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Despite a shaky start to a long anticipated weekend, a seafood retailer is enjoying a spike in business following the relaxation of COVID restrictions.

Mackay splashes on seafood this Easter long weekend

"Why would you think it would be a flop...all Mackay had to do was put on a mask..."

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