April 2021

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The mother of slain Gympie soldier Ash Birt reflects on the decision to pull Australian troops out of Afghanistan.

‘Most useless war in history’

"Wars are such a terrible thing. If governments send these men and women to war, governments are obliged..."

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ScoMo is set to gift low and middle-income workers a massive tax relief in next month’s federal budget. Here’s how much you could get back.

How much you could pocket from bonus tax cuts

"What about increasing tax free threshold? Some of the poorest workers are in the productive regions!"

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The son of a 93-year-old nursing home resident kept waiting for four hours with a broken hip has lashed the Premier and Health Minister over their priorities.

Patient, 93, left waiting as Premier grandstands

"Nothing much has changed in a very wealthy country and mineral rich state. My ww2 dad broke his hip and..."

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An expert has revealed what the ATO will be looking out for on your tax return this year – and there’s a warning for those who like to get sorted early.

What the ATO is targeting this tax year

"Good idea, Robert! It’s odd that the feds tax labour and give massive tax concessions for wealth..."

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Complaining about Christine Holgate’s gifting Cartier watches was a populist stunt that will re-ignite the debate about women.

PM paying high price for cheap outrage

"Scotty from marketing wanted to privatise more regional services and the national party were on board."

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Your supermarket shop could be about to cost you a whole lot more, after Aussie farmers issued a worrying threat.

Why your weekly shop could skyrocket

"I am confused! Easily done , I know! Do the Nats want us to get more for produce or less? last year..."

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The cost of required works on Queensland’s state controlled roads has climbed by more than $400m in just one year.

Blame game over $5.85b roadworks backlog

"The party system is why we have a blame game. In fact there is not much difference economically at a..."

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Wide Bay MP fires back at criticism of ministerial intervention for grant funding amid revelations one third of approvals made despite not being recommended.

O’Brien defends controversial practice amid funding scrutiny

"Take 2: And the poor and impoverished are told they are a burden on the tax payer. Nothing like..."

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A federal MP has slammed the dismissal of Christine Holgate as the boss of Australia Post as unethical, and will move a motion for her reinstatement.

Axing ‘unethical’: QLD MP to push for AusPost boss’s return

"Where are all the maverick Nats calling to reinstate Christine? The safe impoverished national party..."

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The former Australia Post CEO has alleged a ‘vicious intent to defame’ her, in her first public comments since departing over Cartier watches.

Holgate breaks silence on Australia Post ousting

"Scotty the bully should stand down. Christine Holgate was treated appalling by Scott and all his govt."

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