December 2020

Commented on a story 28th Dec 2020 8:01 AM

Australians who have been given no choice at check-outs and shops but to pay by card are being slugged with sneaky fees.

Aussies gouged for paying by card

"I strongly agree that we must be able to use cash if we desire to pay for goods purchased. I’m sue if..."

November 2020

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The Palaszczuk Government has been accused of being a ‘law unto themselves’ in rushing to pass new laws.

Labor accused of ‘manipulating democracy’

"Wasn’t there previously a lower house or a lower tier of our Queensland parliament where it was..."

September 2020

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Infuriated minor party candidates speak about the controversial practice where political parties can access and store voter information while doing a favour.

Outrage in Central Queensland over harvesting of voter data

"Well last election I couldn’t get in contact with the electoral office to Aquire my postal vote papers..."

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