July 2020

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Dozens of Victorians suspected of having been in coronavirus hot spots in the last 14 days have been turned away from Queensland borders.

Almost 50 Victorians turned back from Qld border

"Ive already seen numerous caravans and cehicles with victorian plates in rockhampton or passing through..."

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Coronavirus is spreading out of Victoria to other states and territories, sparking fears of expanded lockdowns in cities and towns.

The virus is spreading across Australia again - this is how

"Shut the queensland borders before its too late"

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BIG READ: Full details of facility revealed in exclusive documents

Huge step: $14.5M CQ drug rehab centre tender released

"Waste of tax payers money its been out of hand for this long in rockhampton the horse has already..."

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Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed Queensland has recorded its first new COVID-19 case since June 26 as fears grow about the ongoing outbreak in Victoria.

Queensland confirms first new virus case in 11 days

"Shoulda kept the QUEENSLAND BORDERS SHUT, just close em back up before we get a rush of covid ..."

June 2020

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One Nation reaffirms its intentions to get a stadium built at Rocky Sports Club. Do you agree that is the best place for it?

POLL: Where do you want to see a Rocky sports stadium?

"Maybe if rocky had a team in the nrl or something i know alot of players come out of central queensland..."

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As Victoria’s COVID-19 cases increase, there is an impending sense of let-down that Queensland’s July 10 border reopening may not happen, writes Lucy Carne.

'Enough with the closed borders, Queensland must reopen'

"If queenslanders holidayed all over the state the families from out west came to the metro areas and..."

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The State Government has said it will pay ‘whatever price is necessary’ to keep Queensland safe, flagging it would fight any court bid to force our border open.

Minister happy to pay price of closed border

"Exactly right we want our familys and children to be safe"

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