May 2021

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Animal Liberation Queensland launched the advertising campaign on Monday to disrupt the event.

Activists target Beef Australia with ‘disruptive’ billboards

"I have to agree, growing up on a dairy farm, the cruelty made me sick , watching the mothers cry for..."

March 2021

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The rescue helicopter was tasked to the scene east of Duaringa.

Road train vs dual cab: Horror crash on Capricorn Highway

"Oh , I bet our disgraceful road conditions had most to do with this one.. the last trailer on those..."

November 2020

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CQ woman punches daughter in the back of the head for not sharing her hotspot data.

Mother punches daughter for not handing over phone

"So no real punishment given for this disgusting act? This won’t be isolated behaviour. Can only imagine..."

August 2020

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He has been using for majority of his life.

Man used drugs for 37 years to ‘help him relax’

"So why wasn’t a custodial sentence mandatory if this person was on parole at the time of the..."

July 2020

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CQUniversity will hold its first online-only open day next month.

Uni open day goes completely digital

"Couldn’t of said it better."

May 2020

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Emerald drivers are paying more for petrol than neighbouring towns.

‘Highway robbery’: Emerald fuel prices defy downward trend

"Yep Emerald fuel retailers should be ashamed. The price is quite frankly disgraceful . I can’t believe..."

April 2020

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A photo has emerged that reveals why passengers on board the doomed Ruby Princess cruise ship never stood a chance to prevent the deadly outbreak.

Cruise passengers never stood a chance

"Looking for someone to blame? Don’t forget China!"

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Virgin Australia, Qantas and Jetstar announce domestic flights will begin operating from today after a request from the Australian Government.

Airlines to resume domestic flights

"Oh no. What a disaster waiting to happen. We were going so well too! Border closures are in place! Who..."

January 2020

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The 21-year-old hid an item inside of her hoodie before leaving the store without paying.

Mum hit with fine after shoplifting $3.95 worth of goods

"No deterrent whatsoever ever. Pittyful “punishment”"

December 2019

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