August 2017

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Retired travellers say they've never encountered a stricter town

Why these grey-nomads might never visit Yeppoon again

"Carravaned for 14 yrs with large van and generally stayed in van parks but used freestays in outback..."

July 2017

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Capricorn Coast business owners push message that they are open for business

Fighting back: Yeppoon businesses band together

"Well, I applaud the locals like the jam factory for retaining a positive attitude which is difficult in..."

June 2017

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New Regional Australia Institute predicts Rockhampton's growth will continue to outpace the national average.

Report reveals Rocky one of regional Australia's best

" i haven't read this report but plenty of small business owners would say "what growth"? Would be much..."

May 2017

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MINERS at a major Central Queensland mine are refusing to work.

BREAKING: CQ mine at a standstill as miners refuse to work

"Unions grandstanding once again when the realities suggest they are not only losing their power base..."

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Rocky Airport chair 'not against' a Capricorn Coast airport

Could Rockhampton manage a Capricorn Coast airport?

"60% are business travellers..... Yes mostly public servants and politicians/their staff, plus a few..."

April 2017

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CONSTRUCTION of the massive CQ project will begin in early 2018.

'New era' for CQ as industry reveals huge project

"Would have to agree with equalrights . I'm sure any party interested in these projects would have..."

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LOCAL pollie has exciting to news to share with CQ ahead of the election.

Exciting truth behind local leader's belly bump revealed

"Yes, good news for the couple but the Bully must be short of news for the wider community ,eh."

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THESE Rockhampton landlords have been through a nightmare scenario.

Rocky landlord evicts migrant family with bizarre habits

"The rental laws favour tenants , add to this another gov. sponsored "case manager" who likely has no..."

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TREASURER surprise idea for international airport to export major produce, and passengers too.

International Rocky airport, tourism on high-level pollie's radar

"Sounds like an election coming up. "

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HIGH-PROFILE Rocky backers escalate moves to build $60m project.

Rocky project urgently needed to save 1000 homes, 3000 jobs

"affected property owners would have been well aware of flooding history before they bought and..."

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