April 2017

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LOCAL pollie has exciting to news to share with CQ ahead of the election.

Exciting truth behind local leader's belly bump revealed

"Yes, good news for the couple but the Bully must be short of news for the wider community ,eh."

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THESE Rockhampton landlords have been through a nightmare scenario.

Rocky landlord evicts migrant family with bizarre habits

"The rental laws favour tenants , add to this another gov. sponsored "case manager" who likely has no..."

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TREASURER surprise idea for international airport to export major produce, and passengers too.

International Rocky airport, tourism on high-level pollie's radar

"Sounds like an election coming up. "

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HIGH-PROFILE Rocky backers escalate moves to build $60m project.

Rocky project urgently needed to save 1000 homes, 3000 jobs

"affected property owners would have been well aware of flooding history before they bought and..."

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HOME OWNERS expected to save big time on premiums with flood defense project.

Insurance giant demands millions to save 7740 Rocky homes

"Well,we all pay for those flood prone properties now and I'd bet even if ICA's proposal became a..."

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FULL LIST of Rockhampton suburbs where residents can claim thousands.

16 Rockhampton suburbs that can claim flood money revealed

"Yes, another case of poor money handling by Governments. I doubt anyone would not support those really..."

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YOUNG woman regrets expensive investment in infamous Rockhampton house.

Home owner's $350K disaster investment in infamous house

"Having lived 100 m up the hill from this property many years ago, it has always been a flood prone..."

March 2017

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'They won't motivate people to do the things that matter'

EXPERT OPINION: Why you shouldn't reward kids for just turning up

"Well, it appears the modern day rewards system hasn't helped those communities where parents are paid..."

February 2017

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Councillor Neil Fisher hopes to expand direct air services to three new destinations and open up an east-west link

Western Qld towns could soon be just a flight away from Rocky

"Think Mr. Fisher has been in the sun too long. We now have Council's doing real estate subdivisions..."

January 2017

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Changing the date would be a step in the right direction

OPINION: What does Australia Day mean to a young aboriginal person?

"Funny that 60 yrs ago when I was a kid one never heard aboriginals talking about what happened 200 odd..."

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