"Kanga" Stephen Brenn Smith

Date listed: 14/10/2019

You've been gone for 6 years now,

And the pain still lasts,

I hold on to my memories from our past,

I wish I could have had you longer,

But now you live on forever in my heart,

Love Ya Heaps of Heaps,



It's been 6 years now,

Still missing your name on my phone,

And talking to you,

I know you look over me everyday,

And you are always by my side,

Love you Daddy

xxx Shannon



It's been a long 6 years without you,

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you,

Or wish everything was different,

You are my Dad, my best mate,

The man I look up to or went to when I needed someone To have my back,

But I know you're watching over me and keeping me on the right track,

Love u Dad,



Steve, you're always in our thoughts,

Forever in our hearts

Mario & June

Publication: Townsville Bulletin